Our Story

Our journey began selling hand-screen-printed "Stop Wars" t-shirts at anti-war rallies in San Francisco. The message resonated with folks from every corner of the Bay Area who had misgivings about US foreign policy post-911. We launched StopWars.com in 2002 to meet growing demand and spread an alternative message of peace.

The designs have gained traction internationally (even prompting dozens of imitators). This year we are celebrating the 12th anniversary of the original "Stop Wars" t-shirt.  StopWars.com donates a percentage of sales to anti-war non-profits and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) through its initiative "5 Percent for Peace."

Moving forward we will continue to focus our anti-war message in creative ways. We welcome all ideas and love to hear from you!

We use American Apparel t-shirts, designed and made in Los Angeles, California.  We print our t-shirts with environmentally friendly water-based inks in Portland, Oregon at Oregon Screen Impressions.  Both companies support local workforces with a living wage. Our organic t-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton.

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